Monday, October 20, 2008

Billion Dollar Agent Level

Face the reality of your current business. Which Billion Dollar Level are you currently at? Set your written goals to achieve higher levels by specific dates. There are seven levels.
* Maybe One
* Terrible Two
* Just Me Three
* Stable Four
* Solid Five
* Success Six
* Zen Seven
Keep watching our blog for more information on these levels! Or if you can’t wait, get a copy of our book Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned.
Excerpts from Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned

Friday, October 17, 2008


You must leverage your time so that one hour of your time can produce ten hours or 100 hours of value for your business. Imagine that your time is worth $100/hour. If you make six touching base calls to a client for ten minutes every other month for a year and the client refers a new client which is worth a $10,000 commission. You just leveraged one hour of your time to be worth 100 hours of your time.
You must leverage prospects, clients, assistants, vendors, real estate agents, brokers, franchises, money, and knowledge. You must leverage everything, all the time, with a business plan documenting how you are going to create that leverage.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How Does Your Work Day Look?

Busyness, multitasking, fragmented thoughts, open loops, multiple to-do lists, 60 hours work weeks, poor eating habits, no exercise habits, no accounting habits… STOP!!!
Slow down
Successful business people are filled with calm energy not tense energy.
1 hour spent planning is worth 10 hours spent doing something else.
Sit and do focused work for 1-2 hour periods without interruptions.
Excerpts from Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned

Friday, October 10, 2008

Your Perfect Day Should Include Daily Habits and Rituals

You must define your “Perfect Day”. Develop daily habits and rituals to maximize time spent on your unique talents, and eliminate time spent on anything else. To achieve greatness in your profession and business, you must do the ordinary with consistency. You must define the daily activities that generate income and will move you to the Billion Dollar Level. Successful people create daily habits and rituals. They schedule and time-block a much greater percentage of their work week than other people. Having a detailed routine and scheduled time blocks allows people to be more productive and creative; because their mind and energy has laser focus. Like Olympic athletes, they have a clear daily routine to practice and perfect their unique talents.
Excerpt from Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned