Friday, January 16, 2009

What is a goal?

We could take the text book definition, as supplied by Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary: “the end toward which effort is directed.” While that is accurate, it is also rather limiting. Your goals can be much more.

Jim Byrnes, a Billion Dollar Agent, defines a goal as “your dreams combined with your passion, purpose, a defined plan, some playfulness, and a time line.” He goes on to say: “Goals are a progressive journey of constant and never ending improvement and abundance. Goals are an extension of your core values and beliefs.”

That is a pretty wide open definition of goals. They can be a one-time deal, such as to sell your current house and purchase a larger one, or to hire a new buyer’s agent for your team. Or, your goals can be ongoing, such as to improve your relationship with your spouse, to spend X hours a week with your rapidly growing-up child, or to work out 5 times a week.

No matter what type of goals you are thinking of setting, you must write them down and review them frequently. Update them as needed, celebrate them when they are achieved, and learn from your failures.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maybe One and Terrible Two

The first 2 levels of a Billion Dollar Agent happen long before he or she actually becomes a Billion Dollar Agent. These are the “maybe” and the “terrible two” levels. This is the point when you are considering breaking into the real estate business or second guessing your decision to do so. This is when the reality that real estate isn’t such an easy career choice comes crashing down upon you.

To quote our book, Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned:

Maybe I will try real estate. Maybe I will dabble in real estate. Maybe I will think about it for a few more years. Maybe I will work part-time in real estate.

Maybe I will get my license, get a job at a local franchise, and try to sell real estate. Maybe real estate is not such a good idea. Maybe real estate is not for me. Maybe the market is too soft to make sales right now. Maybe I don’t like all the stuff you have to do to be a real estate agent. Maybe I did not know that when I got a job at this firm, my pay would actually be $0. Maybe I did not know that besides getting a job that paid $0, I actually had to pay a few thousand dollars to maybe sell real estate. Maybe this isn’t for me anymore.

Maybe, maybe, maybe. If you are at this point, then you are unsure if this is the business for you. You need to stop right now and decide if real estate is the career you want to be in. You need to either change your career plans or take the necessary steps to get to the third level. Setting goals will help you achieve that.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Key

What is the key to becoming a Billion Dollar Agent? Goals! Less than 10% of agents have written annual goals, but they probably make over 80% of the commission! If you aren’t actively setting and working towards annual goals, then it is time to get serious! Now is the time to be sure your annual goals for 2009 are firmly written in an achievable format.

We would like to give you a valuable gift to help you write your goals in 2009. Sign up at Top Agent Goals for a complimentary email series that will teach you how to write and achieve solid business and life goals for 2009 and beyond. Our goal series is based on ideas from hundreds of agents who have written goals and over 100 business books on goals.

Watch this video clip for a quick look at one Billion Dollar Agent’s successful goal setting.