Monday, May 3, 2010

3 Fundamental Keys That Can Open the Door of Success

Everyone has the opportunity to be successful in who they are and in what they do. Regardless of your background, past financial status, level of education, your race or your religion – everyone can be successful. Three fundamental keys can unlock the door to success.

ATTITUDE - You might have heard the old saying, “Attitude is Everything”. Well it is! Webster’s Dictionary defines attitude as both a feeling and a position. Your mental “position” already determines how you will approach a situation or interact with other people. Thinking “This is probably going to fail” has already “positioned” you to fail. In the children’s book “That Little Train That Could”, the train overcame his obstacles by telling himself “I think I can. I think I can.” You are going to have to take it beyond that if you want to throw wide that door to success. “I know I can! I know I can!” needs to become your battle cry.

PERSISTANCE - A friend once asked me if I knew how he built his deck. I said that I did not and he replied, “One nail at a time.” If you are going to walk through that door to success, you must keep moving forward. If a project or method of selling does not work out. Don’t quit! I am sure my friend “bent” several nails while building that deck. Instead of giving up and telling himself that he probably didn’t need a deck after all, he just got another nail and drove it in. If what you are doing isn’t working, grab another “nail”.

DELEGATE - There are only 24 hours in a day and you were not created to work all of them. Whether your business is real estate or something else, there are multiple things screaming for attention. Write your goals down. Create a list of what has to be done to achieve those goals. As you look at that “To Do” list, what are the things you most enjoy doing? What do you “shine” at? Circle it! That is the area you need to focus on. Then hire someone else to do the other stuff. Our Key Assistants can help you out in that department.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Are you Tweeting?

Twitter is a great social networking site. It allows you to post everything from a simple statement to pictures to links. You can go to the website to post or even post from your mobile phone. It is something that every top real estate agent needs to be involved in.

Everyone from the guy next door to celebrities are using Twitter. If you are not tweeting, then you are missing out. Twitter, unlike other social networking sites and applications, doesn't require you to maintain a profile or to get involved in complex groups. You simple publish small posts, up to 140 words, that everyone who is following you will see.

Twitter allows you to get your name out there and connect with people in a matter of seconds. You can even follow others, which lets you keep an eye on the competition and see what is happening within the industry.

If you are not on Twitter yet, then go check it out. It is free and very easy to use.

Get started today. Sign up. Search for some people to follow and start tweeting. Remember once you start to stay active. Being active is the key to Twitter. You will see that in no time you can grow quite a following. Consider it an easy way to personally market yourself and your business.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Look at Things from a Client's Point of View

A good real estate agent will take the time to look at things from their client's point of view. In order to be a top agent, you have to become what the customer wants you to be. The best way to see things like a client is to think about what it is that you would want from a real estate agent.

Here are some tips that are often given to clients on how to choose a good real estate agent. Read through this list and then see if you would meet the criteria. If you fall short, then rethink what you are doing and make changes so that you make yourself more appealing to clients.

- A good real estate agent won't just focus on their commission. They will be interested in helping you to find what you want. They should not get mad if you don't want to buy a home or if you need time to think.

- Look for an agent who has experience. If you are selling, then look for someone who has sold homes in your neighborhood. If you are buying, then look for someone who has recently closed deals and gotten buyers good prices.

- Look for an agent who makes real estate their career. Part time agents who are doing real estate on the side may not be able to give you the attention that you need and deserve.

- Ask around to get recommendations on what agent to go with. You want an agent who is friendly and has a good reputation. Personality is a big thing in the real estate industry. You don't want a cranky or rude agent that you have to deal with during this process.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Real Estate Agent Safety

You may not consider your safety when you are working, but there are a lot of dangers lurking about. As a real estate agent, you are going into homes, meeting strangers, and really putting yourself out there. That means there are a lot of chances for you to be at risk.

Here are some things you need to do to keep yourself safe when you are on the job:

- Verify all customer information. This will let you be sure a person is who they say they are. You will be able to avoid frauds and also possibly save yourself from a very bad situation.

- Always carry your cell phone on you. If a bad situation arises, you can make a call and get help right away. If your cell is in your car it will be of no help to you if something happens.

- Try the buddy system if you work in a questionable area or if you are showing an abandoned home. Having someone else with you automatically makes it a safer situation.

- Be ready for anything. Have a plan to escape. Know where the exits are. Carry pepper spray. Just be ready and know that bad things do happen, so better safe than sorry.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Using the Internet to Save Your Real Estate Business

There is no quick fix for this challenging real estate market, but there is something that can give you a chance to help your business grow and actually thrive. One of the best ways to help your business is to hit the internet. If you are not already established on the internet then now is the time.

Here are some of the ways you can establish your presence online:

- Set up a website. With about 80% of buyers going online to look for an agent and to shop for homes, if you don't have a website you are missing out on many chances to make money.
- Learn as much as possible about SEO. You need to understand SEO inside and out to get people to your website. You also need to understand the value of well written content. Content plays a huge role in search engine rankings and will really help you to get your page to the top.
- Maintain a presence. People know when a website is being used and when it is there for pure show. You need to stay active. Post things online on a regular basis. Join social networking sites and make yourself personable. When people can relate to you and feel like they know you as a person then you have abetter chance of getting their business.
- Get help. Lifebushido offers many great services to help you start and maintain an online presence You can get help with article writing, website development and everything else you need to help you build a strong online presence

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Top Mistakes New Agents Make that Keep Them From Reaching BDA Level

Every new real estate agent starts out with big dreams and ideas about how they will launch their career and one day reach that Billion Dollar Agent level. Nobody starts out thinking they just want to do okay or barely stay in business. So why do so many agents fail to reach that Billion Dollar Agent level? There are many reasons, but here is a list of the top mistakes new agents make that keep them from the BDA level:

- They do not have a solid business plan.
- They fail to set goals.
- They do not focus on their special skills and unique talents.
- They do not set a budget.
- They do not use team members efficiently.
- They do not have the tools they need to do the job, like a reliable vehicle or a cell phone with unlimited calling.
- They do not put enough money into marketing.

This is really just a small list. There are many little things that go into creating a BDA real estate business. It is so very important that every new agent who wants to reach the BDA level starts off with all the tools, resources and the right mind set.

Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Best Serve Sellers in a Buyer's Market

There is no doubt that the market right now is a buyer's market. That can make it quite hard on sellers and more difficult for you. This type of market makes selling a home, earning a nice profit and moving properties quickly, all tasks that are quite difficult. Trying to explain that to a home owner can be a challenge. Many home owners just want to make the sale fast and get a nice amount of money for their home. They do not want to hear that doing those things will not be easy.

It is your job to make sure sellers understand the market and that they understand selling in a buyer's market can be challenging. Here are some things that you can do to help make it easier for sellers during this buyer's market:

Provide them with plenty of proof about housing prices in their area for similar homes. Having proof upfront will make it much easier to explain to them why you need to set the price lower than they may want. Disagreements over price tend to be quite a problem during a buyer's market. Sellers just want to sell for as much as possible. Do your part by showing them what the highest price is right now.

Help them with staging and with preparing their home to minimize defects and play up assets. Help them to understand that they have to make their home look amazing if they want to sell it in this market.

Give them plenty of options. Offer to do more open houses and to do more marketing to help them sell their home as fast as possible.

The bottom line in a buyer's market is helping the seller understand what a buyer's market means to them. You have to be careful and you have to understand that sellers in a buyer's market are not always going to be happy people. Do your best to explain everything to them and help them in anyway you can.