Sunday, January 31, 2010

What do you do?

That is a question you probably hear all the time. When you first meet someone it is common to ask “what do you do?”. As a real estate agent, it is your job to take the cue. Do not just say “ I am a real estate agent.” Take this opportunity and do with it what a Billion Dollar Agent would do – turn this into a chance to get a lead.

Leads are your bread and butter. They keep your business going and they are what lead to you making money. Never let an opportunity pass you by. The next time someone asks you “ what do you do?” take this chance to sell yourself and to make them interested in you as their future agent or possible as an agent for someone they know who is currently selling or buying a home.

You may be wondering just how you turn a simple conversation into a way to sell yourself and get a lead. Well, it is actually rather simple. You have to sell yourself without seeming pushy. You want to act like the real estate expert that you are. Provide them with useful information. When you tell them what you do, tell them about what you do, not just your job title.

Answer the question by saying you help people sell homes for the highest possible price or that you help people get amazing deals on a new home purchase. Throw in something that distinguishes you, like ending your response with – regardless of financial limitations or regardless of location. That will get the other person asking questions and let you really show your expertise.

By becoming an expert in their eyes you are turning on a light bulb in their head. They may tell you they are thinking of buying or selling. They may tell you they know someone who can use your help. Whatever happens, you are likely to end the conversation by handing over your business card and getting a lead.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Start the Year Off Right

What better way to make 2010 a great year for you and your business than to start off on the right foot. The beginning of a new year allows you the chance to set goals and get things in order. All Billon Dollar Agents know that getting a good start to the year is one way to ensure that your business has an amazing year.

Starting off a year right is done by looking back. Look back over 2009 and learn from your mistakes and your successes. Here are some things that you will want to do:

- Go over all the numbers from last year. Look at how much you spent, specifically. Consider changes you could make to lower your expenses. Also go over other numbers, like how much time you invested into each client compared with the pay off.

- Look at your marketing. How did it work for you? Are there better options available? What worked and what did not work? Is there more that you can do?

- Go over your daily schedule. Was there too much wasted time? Are you handling things that could better be handled by an assistant or outsourced?

Figuring out what went right and what wrong can help you to discover how to change your business in 2010 for the best possible outcome.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Stay in Touch With Clients Through Multiple Methods

Billion Dollar Agents know that the key to success lies with good relationships with clients. Real estate is all about who you know. You want to be networking everyday in some way. You also need to adopt the mindset that every client is a client for life. In order to build those relationships and keep them alive you must maintain contact.

There are many different ways that you can maintain contact with clients. Here are some ideas that you may want adopt this year to help you stay in touch with clients. Feel free to use a few different methods. The more contact you have, the better.


A newsletter is interesting and informative. It not only puts your name in front of the client, but also gives them something. Your newsletter should include a personal note from you just to update them about the happenings in your business. This is a good time to welcome them to contact you with any questions or comments they may have. You can send newsletters in an email or through the postal mail.


A brochure is like a short little glimpse of your business. You can send out brochures just as a reminder of your office location and contact information. Make it appealing and show the client what you can do for them.


Sending short personal notes or emails is always nice, especially if you have just finished business with a client. Many agents use post cards to send notes because they are inexpensive to send, easy to personalize and very eye catching. You can even just send them out a few times a year to update clients about your services or to remind about how you can help them. You can also include tips and send them out seasonally. For example, in the fall send out a reminder note with a checklist of things homeowners should do to prepare for the winter months.

No matter what methods you use to stay in contact with clients, the important thing is to just stay in contact. You can never be a Billion Dollar Agent if you don’t have a client base.