Monday, December 28, 2009

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition in 2010

A new year means a whole new chance to rejuvenate your business. The beginning of a new year ushers in change and people are ready to see what your business has to offer for this new beginning. Make 2010 the year that you make your business stand out from the crowd.

Catch people's attention and make them notice your business by becoming different from your competitors. If all the agents in your area are operating the same then how can a buyer or seller possibly choose what agent they want to work with? Your job, if you want to really make your business shine in 2010, is to give them a good reason to choose you.

Become that agent that is different. Becomes the agent that has everyone in town talking. Become the agent that people know they can trust and rely on. Become your town's Billion Dollar Agent.

Some ways to set yourself apart from the competition include:

- Revamping your advertising. Make it completely different from the competition. Make it eye catching. Don't waste a single advertising dollar on marketing that is not captivating and convincing.

- Create a slogan that sums up you and your business. Take time to really come up with something unique, catchy and unforgettable.

- Build a strong image. Make sure everyone in town knows what your business is all about and what you stand for. Make sure that your image is one that coveys professionalism, trust, reliability and shows people that you get the job done right every time.

2010 could be your banner year. You could finally reach that Billion Dollar Agent status, but it will take work. Do not waste a minute of 2010. Get working right now so once the new years begins you are ready to grab attention and make your business shine.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Having Trouble with Clients that are Eating Up your Precious Time?

If you answered yes to that question, then you need some help. Every agent deals with clients that seem to just be too demanding on their time. You know how important and precious your time is, but you may struggle with how to make the client happy without indulging their every demand for your time. Well, dealing with clients like this is something every Billion Dollar Agent has learned to do.

There is one simple key here - you need to be in charge of the situation. Every time you meet or talk make sure their is a clear goal in mind. Work towards that goal and stay focused. You may need to be skillful at keeping the client focused, but if you are well prepared beforehand then this should not be difficult to do.

Make sure that you always prepare before every meeting or call. Get yourself ready with all the paperwork you need or other information. Also let the client know that you have only a specific set amount of time, so you have to focus on the task or tasks at hand.

Being organized is also the key to deal with clients when they contact you. Maybe the client calls you about something. In order to avoid a lengthy phone conversation you should have their file right on hand so you can get the information they need quickly and get off the phone fast.

Real estate is a people business, but it is also a very time sensitive business. You need to be in charge of your time and not let others waste it. Only when you can master this will you be able to reach that Billion Dollar Agent goal.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Billion Dollar Agents Are Leaders

You have probably heard that to be successful in real estate that you need to be a leader. What is a leader? What characteristics does a leader have? What sets you apart and defines you as a leader? If you don’t know the answers to these questions then you have some work to do.

A leader is someone who has a certain skills set. They stand out and they take charge. A leader is someone that inspires others and makes them want to follow their leadership.

If you are trying to develop your skills and become a leader then you need to have the following characteristics of a true leader:

- You have to have vision. You need to be able to see beyond what is there and picture what could be.

- You must be able to create a plan. You have to be able to take something from a vision to reality through a carefully laid out plan.

- You have to be able to work with and rely on others. A true leader knows that they need help to accomplish their goals. Nobody can do everything alone.

- You have to be able to motivate others. A leader must be able to make others want to work for them and want to get the job done.

These four things are the backbone of what makes a good leader. If you are trying to become a Billion Dollar Agent then you first must be a leader. Work on your leadership skills and develop them so that they become second nature. Once you learn to lead, becoming a Billion Dollar Agent is well within reach.