Monday, February 22, 2010

Are you Managing Everyone in your Business?

As a business owner you know that management is part of the job. You manage the agents that work under you, the office staff and others who work for you. There is another person that you must manage effectively in order to make your business a success and reach that Billion Dollar Agent level – YOU.

You will probably be the hardest person to manage. You will probably resist, not want to do what you need to do and may even completely ignore what you should be doing. This is what all too often happens.

Managing yourself means many things. It means taking time off when you need it. Keeping your mind and body in good shape. Making time for a personal life. It also means continuing your training and proper time management. Managing yourself is all about finding balance.

When you forget to manage yourself, you and your business will suffer. Take time to set up your own schedule each week and make time for everything in your life. Know when it is time for business and when it is time for pleasure. Draw a line and keep things balanced. In the end you will find your business runs smoother and you feel much more energized and focused.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Speaking Events Can Boost your Business

A Billion Dollar Agent is always working to try to get more business. Unless you grow your business you will never be able to reach the Billion Dollar Agent level. Once you do reach that level, it is not time to give up either, you always have to find new ways to get new business. One of the best ways to get your name out there and to grab that attention of possible clients is to engage in speaking events.

There are many options in speaking events. Try all these ideas and see just what an impact it has on your business:

Go to local clubs and organizations. Chambers of Commerce, Rotary clubs and business groups make great places to go to give a speech or presentation. These groups are always on the look out for speakers for their meetings and events.

Teach others what you know. What better way to expose your skills and talents to others than through teaching a class at a local university or college.

Contact local TV and talk radio programs. They may give you a guest spot that will give you amazing publicity.
Put the word out that you are available for speaking arrangements. You may be surprised at how many people contact you to come speak at their event.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tackling the Difficult Client Dilemma

Every real estate agent has dealt with a difficult client. There is really no way around it. How you handle tough clients is a great indicator of your overall abilities as an agent. Billion Dollar Agents know how to handle all types of clients. They understand that in the end, it is all about customer satisfaction. No matter how difficult the client is, you have to make sure they are happy while also doing your job to the best of your ability. Here are some common types of difficult clients and how you should handle them:

The “I know everything” Client - This client seems to know everything about everything. You can't tell them anything because they already know it. They want things done their way and won't accept any suggestions that deviate from what they want. The best way to handle this type of client is to be agreeable and let him see you are impressed with his knowledge about things. To get him to work with you come at him with hard proof about anything you disagree on so he has a very tough time disputing what you are saying.

The “I am the boss of you” Client – This type of client thinks your job is to service their every need. They will expect you to drop whatever you are doing to help them. They will not be very good about giving you advanced notice about anything. It is essential to set boundaries right away and give the client details on what you do and what you do not do. Also be sure to set limits about contact and meetings that are not scheduled.

The “I'm just looking into things” Client – This client can be a seller or buyer who really has no intentions of really buying or selling. They are simply gathering information so they can think about things. This type of client is a big time waster. If you run across one then all you can really do is work to make their mind up and get them to either buy or sell. Keep in contact with them and try to get them to use you when they really do decide to buy or sell.

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