Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Learn to Say “No”

In business it is common for a person to start thinking they must always say yes. They get into a habit of just agreeing to everything in hopes that it will keep problems at bay. In reality, saying yes to everything is setting you up for failure. Billion Dollar Agents know when to say no. This is one of their main tools to reaching that top agent level.

Saying no is not a bad thing. That is the first thing you must realize. Sometimes you have to say no. It could be because you are already stretched thin and simply cannot handle another thing on your to-do list. You could say no simply because you do not want to do whatever you are being asked. Saying no is actually a way to look out for yourself.

Make sure that when you say yes it is coming from a well thought out place. Never say yes to make someone leave you alone or to avoid something. Say yes only when you really want to say yes.

Make sure that when you say no, you do so with conviction. You have to just be direct and say no. Make sure the person you are saying it to understands you mean no. When you have a habit of always saying yes, once you start saying no some people may think you are not being serious.

Saying no is actually quite liberating. Once you start saying no more often, you will notice how it effects you and your business. You will feel a load lifted off your shoulders and probably become more productive since you are able to focus on things that you really want to do. Saying no simple makes your life easier and is something you just have to do sometimes.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Explore Internet Advertising

Do you really know all the marketing possibilities available online? Chances are that you may not be taking full advantage of what the internet has to offer you. There are so many options for real estate advertising online that you can really grow your business through internet marketing.

One of the top advertising options is Craigslist. Every agent that wants to be a Billion Dollar Agent must advertise on Craigslist. If you have never heard of Craigslist then now is the time to explore it.

Craigslist is the top internet classifieds ads site. You can literally find anything on Craigslist. This, of course, includes real estate. Hundreds of agents are already listing their properties on Craigslist. You don’t want to miss out.

All you need to do is set up a listing schedule and have your listings posted to Craigslist on a weekly basis. You will be very glad that you did since Craigslist draws in billions of visitors a month. Plus it is a very cheap advertising option.

Check it out today and get your account set up so you can be visible on this amazing site alongside other top agents.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can you Define Why you Love your Business?

If you cannot state right off hand why you love being in real estate, then you have a long way to go to being a Billion Dollar Agent. Passion is at the heart of every good business. If you do not truly love what you do then, maybe you are in the wrong business.

Passion and love for real estate has nothing to do with the money. You should have some concrete reason why you are doing what you do. You should have some reason that you can state off the top of your head as to why you love your business.

If you really do not know why you are in real estate and why you are working so hard to become a top agent, then how can you ever set goals and work to become better? Your passion or love for the business should be what is driving you towards your goals.

Think about it. Write down the top three reasons that you love your business. Figure out what is driving you to become a Billion Dollar Agent. Once you have done this then you can keep moving towards your dream and do so with passion.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Attitude is Everything

When you are trying to make it to Billion Dollar Agent status, you need to make sure you have everything that it takes. This is not just skills and the ability to be a Billion Dollar agent. You have to have the right attitude.

If you are not a positive person then you may need to do some work. You need to push away negative thoughts and only think positive about your business and yourself. You need to have a healthy outlook and not hold yourself back with bad thoughts.

Your attitude needs to be solid from the get go. You should not even start until you make sure that you have the right attitude. Attitude is everything when you are trying to reach a goal and to make it to the top.

This is a nice video that talks about how to change your attitude and start being more positive.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making your Business Better with Virtual Assistants

You may already have an in office assistant and that is a smart idea. You want assistants that can handle lower paying work and free you up to handle the larger jobs. This allows you to get the most out of your time and to turn your business into a more profitable venture. However, there are still probably many medial tasks that you are handling that should be done by an assistant.

You do not always have to hire someone to physical work in your office. With the technology today, you can actually use a virtual assistant, that works from their home or from another office to do many tasks for you. Some of the things that a virtual assistant can do include:

- closing coordination
- database management
- accounting

This video fully explains the way a virtual assistant can help you in your business. Here a real estate agent talks about how she uses a virtual assistant to make her business better.