Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knowing your Best Time of Day is a Key to Success

What is one thing all Billion Dollar Agent knows about themselves that helps them out tremendously in their business? They know their best time of day. Everyone has one. Think about yourself. When are you at your best? When is the time of day that you are really on top of your game? When do you seem most productive? The answer to those questions will lead you to your best time of day.

So, why does knowing your best time of day help you do better in your business? It helps you because that is the time of the day when you should be contacting leads, handling important business and doing the highest priority work. This is your most productive and focused time.

If you don’t know what your best time of day is right off hand, then simply just be observant throughout the day. Notice when you seem to be most energized. Be aware of when you seem to get the most done.

Do not waste your best time of day on medial work. Put yourself on important tasks. Focus on what will really help your business. Keep yourself on track and you will see your business grow and improve. Finding your best time of day will lead you to the success that you desire.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Confidence is Key is Lead Generation

Have you had trouble with lead generation? If you said yes, then you are not alone. Many agents struggle with generating leads in the beginning or at some point. Billion Dollar Agents, though, know how to get past the struggles and turn lead generation into something that comes easy.

The key to superior lead generation is confidence. You probably already know that a confident person is a successful person. When you are confident about yourself, others sense that and it tends to draw them to you. So, it is not hard to see why confidence can really give you a leg up in lead generation.

Have confidence in everything you do. Be confident that your presentation is the best. Be prepared so you know that you cannot fail. Do not show signs that you expect them to say “no.” Always be confident and let that confidence lead you.

With the right attitude, lead generation becomes simple. You may have to really focus on being confident in the beginning, but soon it will become second nature. In no time you will see generating leads as a simple task. It will take less time to generate leads because more people will be saying ”yes.” You will also see that this new found confidence carries over into other parts of your business and starts making a positive impact there, too.