Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Can you Define Why you Love your Business?

If you cannot state right off hand why you love being in real estate, then you have a long way to go to being a Billion Dollar Agent. Passion is at the heart of every good business. If you do not truly love what you do then, maybe you are in the wrong business.

Passion and love for real estate has nothing to do with the money. You should have some concrete reason why you are doing what you do. You should have some reason that you can state off the top of your head as to why you love your business.

If you really do not know why you are in real estate and why you are working so hard to become a top agent, then how can you ever set goals and work to become better? Your passion or love for the business should be what is driving you towards your goals.

Think about it. Write down the top three reasons that you love your business. Figure out what is driving you to become a Billion Dollar Agent. Once you have done this then you can keep moving towards your dream and do so with passion.

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