Friday, February 12, 2010

Speaking Events Can Boost your Business

A Billion Dollar Agent is always working to try to get more business. Unless you grow your business you will never be able to reach the Billion Dollar Agent level. Once you do reach that level, it is not time to give up either, you always have to find new ways to get new business. One of the best ways to get your name out there and to grab that attention of possible clients is to engage in speaking events.

There are many options in speaking events. Try all these ideas and see just what an impact it has on your business:

Go to local clubs and organizations. Chambers of Commerce, Rotary clubs and business groups make great places to go to give a speech or presentation. These groups are always on the look out for speakers for their meetings and events.

Teach others what you know. What better way to expose your skills and talents to others than through teaching a class at a local university or college.

Contact local TV and talk radio programs. They may give you a guest spot that will give you amazing publicity.
Put the word out that you are available for speaking arrangements. You may be surprised at how many people contact you to come speak at their event.

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