Monday, December 7, 2009

Billion Dollar Agents Are Leaders

You have probably heard that to be successful in real estate that you need to be a leader. What is a leader? What characteristics does a leader have? What sets you apart and defines you as a leader? If you don’t know the answers to these questions then you have some work to do.

A leader is someone who has a certain skills set. They stand out and they take charge. A leader is someone that inspires others and makes them want to follow their leadership.

If you are trying to develop your skills and become a leader then you need to have the following characteristics of a true leader:

- You have to have vision. You need to be able to see beyond what is there and picture what could be.

- You must be able to create a plan. You have to be able to take something from a vision to reality through a carefully laid out plan.

- You have to be able to work with and rely on others. A true leader knows that they need help to accomplish their goals. Nobody can do everything alone.

- You have to be able to motivate others. A leader must be able to make others want to work for them and want to get the job done.

These four things are the backbone of what makes a good leader. If you are trying to become a Billion Dollar Agent then you first must be a leader. Work on your leadership skills and develop them so that they become second nature. Once you learn to lead, becoming a Billion Dollar Agent is well within reach.

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