Sunday, March 28, 2010

Real Estate Agent Safety

You may not consider your safety when you are working, but there are a lot of dangers lurking about. As a real estate agent, you are going into homes, meeting strangers, and really putting yourself out there. That means there are a lot of chances for you to be at risk.

Here are some things you need to do to keep yourself safe when you are on the job:

- Verify all customer information. This will let you be sure a person is who they say they are. You will be able to avoid frauds and also possibly save yourself from a very bad situation.

- Always carry your cell phone on you. If a bad situation arises, you can make a call and get help right away. If your cell is in your car it will be of no help to you if something happens.

- Try the buddy system if you work in a questionable area or if you are showing an abandoned home. Having someone else with you automatically makes it a safer situation.

- Be ready for anything. Have a plan to escape. Know where the exits are. Carry pepper spray. Just be ready and know that bad things do happen, so better safe than sorry.

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