Monday, March 29, 2010

Look at Things from a Client's Point of View

A good real estate agent will take the time to look at things from their client's point of view. In order to be a top agent, you have to become what the customer wants you to be. The best way to see things like a client is to think about what it is that you would want from a real estate agent.

Here are some tips that are often given to clients on how to choose a good real estate agent. Read through this list and then see if you would meet the criteria. If you fall short, then rethink what you are doing and make changes so that you make yourself more appealing to clients.

- A good real estate agent won't just focus on their commission. They will be interested in helping you to find what you want. They should not get mad if you don't want to buy a home or if you need time to think.

- Look for an agent who has experience. If you are selling, then look for someone who has sold homes in your neighborhood. If you are buying, then look for someone who has recently closed deals and gotten buyers good prices.

- Look for an agent who makes real estate their career. Part time agents who are doing real estate on the side may not be able to give you the attention that you need and deserve.

- Ask around to get recommendations on what agent to go with. You want an agent who is friendly and has a good reputation. Personality is a big thing in the real estate industry. You don't want a cranky or rude agent that you have to deal with during this process.

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