Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Real Definition of Management

When you think about the definition of management, what comes to mind? Do you think that management is solely about delegating tasks and making sure things get done? Management cannot be pinned down to a single task you do. It is a way of thinking and covers all of your actions.

Management is about ensuring every employee is using their unique skills. It is about making sure time and energy is spent wisely. It is about watching the finances of your business. It is about keeping the operation of your business at a high quality.

Management starts with you. In order to be a good manager of other people you have to be able to manage yourself. You need to be able to direct others, keep them motivated, and also keep the financial and operational parts of your business running smoothly. Good management is important, so you have to figure the definition of management for your business and start making sure you are doing the best job being a manager.

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