Saturday, September 20, 2008

Do You Have a "Dirty Little Secret?"

If you don’t get the results you believe you want, there’s usually something amiss with your intention—I call it “your dirty little secret.”

Let’s say that the result you want is to take home $200,000 this year. You’re going through the motions, sending out mailers, checking the computer, holding your opens, working the mechanism. But you’re just not on track for that result. Why not? You’re really trying, aren’t you?

But wait a minute! Didn’t you say, in a private phone conversation, that you hate working? Or silently think that the market is terrible and it’s impossible to be successful? Weren’t you just thinking, “Everything I touch falls apart and nothing is working?” Or are you burned out because you’re afraid if you take time off, you’ll lose that lead?

Oops. What just happened? No wonder you’re not getting the results you want—or are you? The stronger of the two beliefs will always win out. Based on your results, you will always know where your true intention is. Often harsh yet always fair.

Excerpt from Real Estate in 2008, Forward by Patti Kouri.

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