Friday, September 26, 2008

Finding and Using Your Unique Talent

You should be spending a set number of hours each week using your unique talents to become a Billion Dollar Agent. Your unique talent is the part of your job that you love. What do you do that you love? What gives you energy, makes you happy, builds your confidence, and brings a smile to your face? What percentage of your working hours do you currently spend using your unique talents? How would it impact your profits and level of satisfaction with your life if you increased that percentage every month?

You must delegate everything that is not a unique talent. Every single real estate agent with $100,000+ GCI should have an assistant. What are the job tasks that you dislike, those that you avoid or fail to do? What do you do poorly? What stresses you out? Outsource and delegate those tasks to assistants and vendors. This will leave you free to focus on your unique talent.

Excerpts from Billion Dollar Agent: Lessons Learned

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