Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Formula of Extraordinary People

This is the formula for success and it works whether you're putting together a book, becoming a competitive dancer or having an astonishingly good year in real estate. I call it "The Formula of Extraordinary People." We all use it, whether we realize it or not. Extraordinary people—Olympic athletes, bestselling authors, top producers, even toddlers—use it all the time. The formula is

I (Intention) + M (Mechanism) = R (Results)

Intention is deep knowing—commitment and focus beyond willpower. It’s in your gut. Mechanism is what you already know: the “how-to.” The Result is what you get, whether it’s what you want or not. Where there is 100% intention, there is 100% result; the way to get there will just seem to appear.

Excerpt from Real Estate in 2008, Forward by Patti Kouri.

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