Monday, September 14, 2009

Create a Big Huge Audacious Goal

A big huge audacious goal or BHAG, for short. Is just as the name suggests – something so huge and so crazy that it seems impossible. This is a goal that you set to accomplish is three to five years. You get that long because this goal is not your run of the mill goal.

A BHAG should be something really major. It should be a goal that anyone who sees it says it is impossible. This goal is “the” goal. It is your long term goal that you will work to achieve from the moment you write it down.

The whole reasoning behind a BHAG is to set your sights high. You want to be a top agent. You want to be part of Billion Dollar Agents. If those things are really true then you have to have extreme goals.

Agents don’t get to the top my setting easily attainable goals. They don’t get to the top by achieving. They get to the top by working. A BHAG makes you work and you work hard. It is a test. It is a test of your strength, character, commitment and determination.

Once you reach your BHAG you will have a feeling of accomplishment that goes beyond anything you have ever experienced. It is truly amazing. It is a stepping stone to reaching that ultimate goal of being a Billion Dollar Agent and you can do it!

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