Thursday, August 20, 2009

Billion Dollar Agents Have Focus

How do you react when everything seems to be falling apart? What do you do when it starts raining on the day you are showing a home with white carpets to a family with three small boys who are running all over? How do you act when all of your assistants are out sick and your other office staff is too busy to handle extra work?

The way you act in trying situations says a lot about you. If you react in a frazzled manner when things do not go as planned or when a slight catastrophe comes up then you have a lot of work to do to become a Billion Dollar Agent.

Billion Dollar Agents react the same under pressure as they do during relaxing times. They do not show signs of stress and they never get frazzled. A Billion Dollar Agent knows exactly how to handle a tense situation. They know that keeping their cool is the only way to get through trying situations.

If you still get frazzled then find ways to help yourself overcome that instinct to react in that manner. Work towards always staying in control and maintaining that calm, cool and collected manner that will set you apart from other agents.

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