Friday, August 14, 2009

Use Google to Monitor your Business

You probably use Google a lot in both business and your personal life. Google can be a great business tool. Try this idea – Google the phrase ‘your town homes for sale’. Replace ‘your town’ with your town’s name or the area where you sale. What are the results?

Does your website come up on page 1? Is it number 1? If you don’t even see your website on there then there is a problem. When you Google that phrase you should expect to at least be on the first page. If you are not then you will have some major website work to do. You want to be on that first page is you expect your website to help your business.

Having a first page Google result for your website is invaluable. You will not bring in new customers via a search if you are not on page 1. This is something that cannot be said enough.

Make sure that you take immediate action to correct whatever is keeping you off that first page. Do some investigation. Check out the websites that are on that first page and see what makes them different from yours.

Even if you are on the first page, if you are not number 1 in the results, then you have work to do. You want that top spot because that is where the majority of people will click.

Once you get that top spot you will have to stay on top of it. You need to monitor and make sure you do not lose your spot. It is a never ending battle, but it is well worth it. If you put a lot of work into your website then you do not want to lose all that work by not ensuring your search engine ranking is good.

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