Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Billion Dollar Agents Know They Cannot Do It Alone

When you think about people who are at the top of their industry what is one thing that they seem to have in common? No matter what industry or business a person is in, if they are considered one of the best in whatever they do then chances are that they have a mentor. A mentor is someone who is an expert within a certain area. A mentor is someone with experiences and someone who has a lot of knowledge to share. Billion Dollar Agents have a mentor.

A mentor not only have practical knowledge of a certain subject area, but they also know it inside and out. They can share from their own experience and they can guide you to the top. It is imperative that you find a mentor if your goal is to be a Billion Dollar Agent.

You may have to work at finding a mentor, but when you find that person that is the perfect match for you, then you will know it. You will feel a connection and you will know that this person is meant to be your mentor. You will feel comfortable letting this person be your guide and you will trust in this person on a deep level.

Billion Dollar Agents know that there is so much more to real estate then what they can learn through books and event heir own experience. They know that the only way to truly master their business is to find someone to help them along the way.

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