Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bring Your Skills Up to the Level

If you want to be a Billion Dollar Agent then you need to take a hard look at your skill set. Do you even have the skills to sell at that level? If you don’t then it is time to get working on improving and building your skills to bring you to that top level.

You will have to really be honest and look at your past work. See where you are lacking and see where you are strong. Identify areas where your business seems to have trouble. This will lead you to the skills that you need to work on.

For some agents, selling skills need a touch up and for others it may be management skills. You need to look at your business as a whole and find out what is holding you back.

Develop your skills. Top agents continue working on their skills forever. It is a process that never stops. You can never be too good. Nobody is perfect and that means there is always a skill or two that you can improve upon.

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