Friday, July 24, 2009

Cut Out the Waste

In every business there will be people who slack at their duties and who waste time. You will always come across an employee that is basically sabotaging your business and wasting your time. You also will find that there are some tasks that are time wasters. They may be essential tasks, but they are a waste of your time.

When you want an efficient business, you need to cut out the people who are not getting things done and delegate those time wasting tasks. The simple thing to do with a person who is not doing a good job is to fire them. It may be difficult, but if you want to be a Billion Dollar Agent ten it must be done.

As for the time wasting tasks, the worse thing you can do is handle them yourself or give to the higher paid employees. Tasks that are low priority need to be handled by whoever gets paid the least. If you give a low priority task to a minimum wage employee and it used to be done by someone who made twice as much an hour, then you can see how you have saved money.

Learn to cut the waste out of your business. It will make things more efficient and help you to save money.

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