Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What’s your Purpose?

Every top agent has a purpose. Do you know yours? What are you working towards? Why are you doing what you are doing? Your purpose can be the driving force behind everything you do, but if you do not know what your purpose is then it will be hard to use it to get anywhere in business.

Think back to when you first decided to be a real estate agent. What was it that drew you to this profession? There had to be something that made you want to be an agent. Maybe it was the idea of controlling your own income potential. Maybe you like working with people. Maybe you just have a passion for real estate. Whatever first drew you to real estate can help you to find your purpose.

Once you decide what your purpose is, you can begin to use it to help you in everything you do. Every goal you set should be related to your purpose. You can use your purpose to drive your efforts to reach your goals.

Every billion dollar agent has a well defined purpose. They know why they do what they do. They are successful because they have a purpose. Don’t let your business lag behind just because you haven’t yet defined your purpose.

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