Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Keep Sales Activity Up to Stay on Top

Being average is not what you want, so why are you struggling to reach your goals? Everyone struggles. Everyone has challenges, but it is the way you handle them that will determine what the outcome is.

To stay on top you have to be focused. You have to work hard on building your client list. Everyday you should be consulting your list, making calls and contacting clients in one way or another.

You should delegate tasks as needed. You need to schedule your day so you are doing important work, work that leads to sales. You need to do sales activity every week. A real top agent never goes a week without any sales activity.

Overall, you have to get time management down to a science. You must know what you can do and what you can not do. You have to know when to give others work and when to keep it for yourself.

Being a top agent is not easy. Nobody ever said that it was. If you are willing to stick with and stay at it, though, being a top agent is something that you can do without struggling.

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